Why Axon ?


Founded in 1998 Axon Datacenters’ parent company Sundance International has supported and provided solutions to thousands of including hosting and colocation services in almost every industry.  We used our extensive knowledge and experience to support and provide solutions to a wide range of industries including Universities, public schools, energy, construction, automotive, healthcare and technology firms and help them running 24×7, 365 days.


Founded in 1998, Sundance International was one of the first companies to offer wireless last mile solutions for internet access, and offered managed hosting services to our customers. Our ownership and management has changed very little but we have grown significantly. Having the same ownership and key management personnel same over the years transformed company into a vast knowledge and experience powerhouse.

Our company has 14+ years of profitable operating history in the unique IT industry where many companies go out of business in less than 3 years.  Our owners and management team are experience IT veterans focused on long term operations and providing the premium and top of the line products and services.


Axon Datacenters employs knowledgeable and highly experience team of people. We understand every aspect of a datacenter from simple cross connect to complex routing and power management needs that are needed for daily operation. We are focused on providing you with the very best support for your any and every datacenter needs.

Our 24×7, 365 day support is designed to provide our customers with the fastest response time, a vast pool of expert knowledge and hands on support. We maintain 24×7, 365 days on-site and on-call Network engineers, electrical/mechanical engineers facilities personnel and security personnel. You can trust and rely on us to provide you with an always on problem free data center services.

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