Axon Data Center

Axon Datacenters employs knowledgeable and highly experience team of people. We understand every aspect of a datacenter from simple cross connect to complex routing and power management needs that are needed for daily operation. We are focused on providing you with the very best support for your any and every datacenter needs.

Our 24×7, 365 day support is designed to provide our customers with the fastest response time, a vast pool of expert knowledge and hands on support. We maintain 24×7, 365 days on-site and on-call Network engineers, electrical/mechanical engineers facilities personnel and security personnel. You can trust and rely on us to provide you with an always on problem free data center services.


Axon is a 9,000 square foot data center that’s secure, reliable, protected and right in the Midwest.
We’re conveniently located 20 miles west of Chicago, accessible from both O’Hare and Midway airports and easy to get to via several expressways and offer ample parking.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Our data center has been engineered for Operational Sustainability with redundant power and cooling components to deliver a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Structure and Security

We’re a single-story, low-profile facility that is staffed and monitored 24/7. Multiple levels of access control and security procedures ensure only authorized employees and clients have access to the data center, cages and cabinets. Main entrance to the data center is through a secure man-trap while other data center access points require key fob authentication.

A secure data center environment is critical. Axon continuously monitors all our internal and external critical data center systems and environments. Alarms are sounded to alert Axon personnel to any changes in the optimal condition of critical environments and systems. Axon was constructed with an EPDM, leak-proof rubber membrane and enclosed downspouts. It employs Kohler Power Backup Generator Systems, a dry-pipe fire protection system and strategically located fire extinguishers.

Our Leibert HVAC infrastructure uses overhead supply ducts to deliver cold air to cabinets, cages and data center suites. Since cold air naturally sinks, this cooling method uses less power than a typical raised floor design that requires power and air pressure to blow air up through perforated tiles in raised floors. This energy savings allows Axon to provide a more cost effective solution to our clients.

Rest assured, at Axon, you and your data are safe and secure.

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